9ML and SWT

9 Mile Legacy and South West Terminal present:

No 1 Durum Wheat Ale

No. 1 Durum Wheat Ale is a collaboration between two businesses with deep roots in SW Saskatchewan.

9 Mile Legacy Brewing is founded by two farm kids (Shawn Moen and Garrett Pederson) who grew up in the Cabri/Abbey area on farms located 9 miles apart. Durum wheat has been a big factor in keeping those farms thriving for a century.

SWT is a stalwart of each of our communities, investing in us by providing local jobs, lasting infrastructure, and community resources and support.

Together we've made a one-of-a-kind German-style wheat beer - using durum wheat.

To celebrate our collaboration, we've created a few videos to document the process of creating this beer. In our first video, Monty Reich, General Manager of SWT, talks about the genesis and the importance of the No. 1 Durum Wheat Ale project.





In our second video, Garrett Pederson, co-Founder and Head Brewer of 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Co,  talks about the challenges of brewing with durum wheat and the particular pride he has in brewing with a grain he and his brother spent their youth hauling.





In our final installment, Shawn Moen (our CEO and Co-Founder) talks about the unique significance of making a beer using durum wheat - both personally and in the broader sense of what it means to be from Saskatchewan.





A beer like No. 1 Durum Wheat Ale is both a pride point and a challenge - it's a reminder of the great things we are capable of in this province and a path forward to a diversified SK economy focused on excellence.


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