Our Values

9 Mile Legacy is a values-based business and, as such, our shared principles and values guide us as a business, a community participant and a contributor to the craft beer industry. Each of us commits to embrace the letter and spirit of the following:

Pursue Excellence. We are committed to the pursuit of “excellence” in all things. This includes the liquid product we produce, the relationships that we build and nurture and how we conduct business.

Excellence does not necessarily mean we will have the largest or fanciest facilities, produce beer that is highly regarded by “experts” or lead the marketplace in sales or market share. Each of these criteria are subjective, out of our control and unrelated to how we interpret “success”.

Rather, “excellence” means that we have applied maximum effort in all things and have become the best that we are capable of becoming, all interpreted through our shared principles and values.

Give Maximum Effort. Anything worth doing is worth giving maximum effort. One of our advantages at 9 Mile Legacy is that we will outwork any competitor, always think actively and approach our roles with initiative. At the same time, we commit to working efficiently, smartly, safely and as a team.

There is never a shortage of tasks, lessons to learn or improvements to be made. ABB – Always Be Busy.

Act With Integrity. At the end of each day, we must be satisfied that we have acted with integrity and strong moral character. We each need to have been ethical, professional, responsible, courteous, trustworthy, knowledgeable and hardworking in every task we undertake or decision we make. In this respect, our personal lives and professional lives are intertwined.

As one example, when we make a commitment, we are expected to honour it. Conversely, we will not promise or commit to something that we are not able to deliver. We will not prioritize financial gain or individual “success” if it leads us to acting without integrity.

Always Show Respect. Everyone deserves to be treated with a base level of respect. Neither mean-spirited behaviour nor a disregard for the interests of others is welcome at 9 Mile Legacy. Similarly, we will choose to associate with people who are respectful to our business, our product, our colleagues and others. If someone is not respectful, we will consider ending that association.

Seek Balance. Our business is of great importance to us, but it is only one of many things. Vibrant and complex people make for vibrant and complex experiences, ideas and contributions. We recognize that, in addition to giving maximum effort at 9 Mile Legacy, everyone needs time to grow and maintain other things in life that are important – whether they be people, animals, interests or adventures.

Put Team First. Everyone at 9 Mile Legacy has an integral role to play. Your success is interdependent on the success, health and wellbeing of your colleagues. As a result, we each need to approach our individual roles with selflessness. Be eager to sacrifice personal glory or gain for the greater success of our group. We achieve great things together.

Enthusiasm. We must enjoy what we do and approach our role with enthusiasm. Always recognize that we have a unique opportunity. At the most basic level, we are able to support ourselves financially by producing a great product, working with a great team and contributing in a special and significant way to our community – very few people have the luxury of saying the same.