Our Team


Shereen Dyal

Taproom Manager

What are your responsibilities at 9Mile?
My responsibilities at 9ML are to ensure the guest experience at the taproom is friendly, genuine and to offer knowledge about our products! I try to make sure the staff feel supported and that everything runs smoothly whether it’s for an event or the day to day.

A little work...

What do you thrive on? What gets you excited to come to work?
I thrive on a challenge. I've always been a manager at heart and fixing problems is what I do.. or try to do! If I don’t know the answer I will find someone who does.

I get excited to come to work at 9ML because not one day is the same. There’s always something new presenting itself, whether it is impromptu public speaking, making a menu item or meeting new customers it's always new and engaging.

How are you most interested in helping 9Mile grow?
This is a group who believe in community, integrity and honesty. I want to help keep those values and learn more to add to it. I’d love to help develop a food program to whatever capacity, make a space for people alike to join in and enjoy great products. I can see myself in many roles here and I’d like to see where this opportunity can take me.

What is your main commitment to 9Mile clients?
My main commitment to 9ML guests and clients is to ensure that this is a safe space for beer drinkers and the less experienced beer drinker. I want everyone who walks in the door to feel seen and heard. To leave feeling included in this community and that the craft beer world doesn’t have to be intimidating!

And some fun...

What is one of the first things someone would learn about you if you sat down for a beer with them?
The first thing someone may learn about me over a beer would be I love beer, all beer! I need to know more about beer! But other than beer, probably; that I’m an open book, I’m not shy and love to laugh. I laugh at myself all the time. Food and beverage is a way of life and I would happily talk about everyone's food order at any Saskatoon restaurant!

Where will someone find you on the weekend?
At a park or a restaurant eating great food!

What are your top tips for being an adult?
1) Respect is earned, not given.
2) Drink water.
3) Make time for yourself, whatever that means to you!