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Shawn Moen


What are your responsibilities at 9Mile?
My responsibilities at 9ML are to ensure that my colleagues are supported, empowered to grow into their roles, challenged, and have grown at 9ML into a better person and professional.

A little work...

What kept you busy before you joined the 9Mile team, and how do you bring that to your work here?
Prior to 9ML, I spent a decade working as a lawyer. I practiced in a variety of areas - ranging from civil litigation to criminal prosecutions to mergers and acquisitions. From that, I bring a skill set that can identify diverse interests and think a few moves down the chess board.

What do you thrive on? What gets you excited to come to work?
I get excited by those instances when I am called upon to identify and refine a strategic pathway, test it amongst my colleagues and stakeholders, and then take steps to put it into action.

What is your main commitment to 9Mile clients?
My main commitment to guests and clients of 9ML is that we will always offer an exceptional experience - in liquid, atmosphere, and service.

What’s a hill you will die on?
I have spent two careers building a reputation for honesty and integrity - I will always die on that hill if I have to.

And some fun...

Where do you see yourself in 50 years?
I expect I will still be trying to breathe life into great ideas and finding ways to get people to work together. It's a trait inherited from my dad and grandpa - apples don’t fall far from trees.

What are your top tips for being an adult?
My top tips for being an adult are get a good sleep when you are able and drink plenty of water. Both are highly undervalued.

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