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Luke Clark

Assistant Brewer

What are your responsibilities at 9Mile?
My responsibilities at 9 Mile Legacy as the Assistant Brewer is to bring the beer from grain to glass with quality and consistency. This involves brewing the beer to packaging ready for delivery and everything along the way.

A little work...

How are you most interested in helping 9Mile grow?
I’m most interested in helping 9 Mile grow by bringing my background from Australia and experience in the BC craft beer industry to bring 9 Mile and Saskatchewan beer that's going to be a staple from years to come.

From your perspective on the team, what makes 9Mile different from other microbreweries?
I think 9 Mile differs from other breweries in how it connects with the community around us. Ski club and run club are great examples of that and I'm really proud of how it continues to grow.

And some fun...

Where do you see yourself in 50 years?
I see myself hopping from craft brewery to craft brewery drinking Sours, IPAs, Pilsners, etc without a care in the world, so pretty much what I'm doing now.

Where will someone find you on the weekend?
You’d most likely find me at one of Saskatoon’s many dog parks, we have 3 pups which will definitely let me know if they don’t get their walk.

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