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Aaron Hursh

Manager/Commercial Partnerships

What are your responsibilities at 9Mile?
Commercial Partnerships - bars, restaurants, liquor stores, hotels, golf courses, private businesses - literally everywhere you can find our beer.

A little work...

What kept you busy before you joined the 9Mile team, and how do you bring that to your work here?
I worked for nearly 15 years as an independent contractor in professional theatre across Western Canada. I like to think that I bring a quality of work and a sincere commitment to 9 Mile both within the company and with our partners.

What is your main commitment to 9Mile clients?
I want the people who choose to work with us to not only benefit from great products and service, but to feel as though they are a part of our community. A great partnership is greater than the sum of its parts.

And some fun...

Where will someone find you on the weekend?
At the playground with my kids, on the golf course or hockey rink with my pals, or, if I’m lucky, having a date with my wife.

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