Our Advantage

9 Mile Legacy Brewing will pursue and be known for our world-class luxury products, community interconnection, and meaningful stakeholder relationships.

Growth opportunities for 9 Mile Legacy Brewing will only be considered and acted upon if such opportunities align with that vision and preserve our market position as a premium nanobrewery.

We are a world-class nanobrewery that:

(a) produces a variety of high-quality and balanced craft beer, by interpreting traditional styles, pushing the definition of “beer”, and collaborating with our local community;

(b) is an authentic and engaged member of our community that fosters interconnection; and

(c) is a source of value for our stakeholders in a way that is reflective of our principles and values.

Value Proposition
We deliver an exceptional craft beer experience by applying our nano-ethos, constructing longview solutions and treating every partner as a good neighbour.

1) Our Nano-Ethos

Our origin as a craft brewery was in a ridiculously small nano-brewery located in a small business incubator – brewing 100L at a time. Due to those small origins, we have had to work hard to unlock unexpected solutions, embrace innovation and collaboration, and prioritize behaviour consistent with our core values. We have hardwired that nano-ethos into our DNA.

2) Longview Solutions

The name of our brewery speaks to a partnership spanning a century. Our legacy is the product of years of smart incremental growth, values-centric behaviour, and enthusiasm for the process. We don’t jeopardize the future for short term gains. We think in decades rather than years.

3) Good Neighbours

Saskatchewan is the sort of province where neighbours must rely upon each other to succeed. We operate our brewery in a manner focused on how we might accentuate our community and grow with our neighbours. We focus on cultivating a shared concept of success.