Straight Cut with Haskaps
Straight Cut with Haskaps
Haskap Kettle Sour


On that sour craze these days? Looking for that berry goodness?  Once again, we have another tart Taproom-Only creation from our ole Assistant Brewer, Joe! This small 50L batch is a fruity blend of our Straight Cut Kettle Sour with haskap berries grown by our pals over at Black Fox Farms.

When you first smell this beer, you immediately notice the unmistakable presence of haskap berries, with a light undercurrent of stone fruit. If you’re new to haskaps, they have a tart and juicy flavour that is reminiscent of raspberries, wild blueberries or black currants. On the initial sip, tartness is bright and upfront followed quickly by mellowing berry and stone fruit notes. As you get more into the glass, you notice more and more of the fruitiness from the haskaps coming through.

Coming in at a sessionable 4.2% ABV, and pouring a hazy but striking crimson-magenta (193 C or 207 C-ish for those Pantone fans out there). This haze is a result of the naturally occurring pectin within the Sask grown haskaps we used. We weren’t trying to create a hazy beer, but as Joe says “when it comes to fruited sours… what’re ya gonna do?” *woman with hands up emoji*

If you’re looking for that PSL-life, this beer is definitely not what you’re looking for. However, if you’re looking to squeeze a little bit more out of the summer and the patio life, this tart and fruity beer is exactly what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pair very well with those earth-tone colours, so you might need to get creative if you’re doing it for the ‘gram. Speaking of which, don’t spill this beer on your clothes, you won’t be getting the colour out any time soon!