Rafiki Moja IPA
Rafiki Moja IPA
West Coast style India Pale Ale


Rafiki Moja IPA is named after an old sailing boat, moored at the mouth of Desolation Sound near Lund, BC. Many great trips have been made over the years, each inspiring us to be a prairie brewery that punches with the best. As with many craft brewers, the Pacific Ocean and it’s brewing scenes have long been a place of inspiration for our founders.

People think it’s odd for prairie farmers to be drawn to sailing. But we disagree. There are many similarities to navigating a sailboat on big water as there is with driving a combine on our open prairie. Big horizon, you set your line, and you watch the skies for danger.

This beer is a classic West Coast IPA. Hop forward, and using hops sourced from the Pacific Northwest and the South Pacific. Lots of citrus and pine aromas, with a sharp body bitterness. The ABV sits at 6.1%, and one sip will leave you dreaming of clear skies and smooth sailing.