Pumpkin Porter
Pumpkin Porter
Spiced Porter with Pumpkin


Well, we all know what time of year it is. The air is getting chilly, flannels and vests are the go-to fashion choice, and the infamous PSL reigns supreme. Whether we’re on-trend or not, we’re excited to share this incredibly delicious seasonal beer, our Pumpkin Porter.

With a nuanced aroma of chocolate ganache and fresh espresso, this beer pours the colour of dark cocoa, with a creamy, nearly velvet-like head. Followed by those deeply rich notes, you may notice notes of roasted pumpkin, spices, and hints of vanilla. Adding just over 20kg of freshly roasted and pureed SK-grown pumpkins to the mash phase, we once again have to thank our friends at Black Fox Farms for their great produce!

On the palate, there are strong notes of rich, dark chocolate up front, cresting into a deeply round maltiness balanced by warm spices. Look for notes of fresh-baked cinnamon, nutmeg, or allspice hiding in plain sight. Using whole spices added to both the kettle and fermenter, there are different nuances of each spice present throughout this beer. The comforting familiarity of these spices are present throughout this beer, but never overpowering.  Thanks to the dark malts used, this finishes with a gentle bitterness reminiscent of freshly-made coffee.

This is the first time that we’ve brewed this beer since the fall of 2016, way back when the Cubs won the World Series and Pokemon Go was a phenomenon no one really understood. If you’re drinking this beer at home, we definitely suggest putting it into a tulip or brandy-style glass to concentrate and accentuate the aromas within. It’s worth it to take the time and pull apart all the layers and subtleties of this beer. To quote our Taproom Manager, “This bad boy is complex.”