No 1 Durum Wheat Ale
No 1 Durum Wheat Ale
German Weissbier

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No 1 Durum is the hallmark of success for any SW farm kid. We know what it’s like to endure the ups and downs of a Southwest growing season – hanging on through spotty weather, hot summers, and late rains – hoping for that high grade despite it all. It takes patience, a bit of luck, and often some neighbourly support.
We are thrilled to partner with SWT in creating this German-style wheat beer. SWT has invested in our communities with good service, local jobs, and the neighbourly support when it’s needed. The durum in this beer was grown right here in Saskatchewan, so we designed this beer to be enjoyed here.
SW Sask grows the best durum in the world. We’re proud to use it in this beer.
Pouring golden with a slightly hazy appearance, this beer has a large pillowy white head.  Subtle notes of banana and fruit are present, with hints of bubblegum on the nose.  The use of durum and malted wheat create a uniquely smooth mouthfeel with hints of vanilla that help balance out the dry finish.  Overall results?  A perfect springtime ale!
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