Nordic Farmhouse-style Ale

Collabs, Vault

*This beer is no longer available*

Brewing is often an adventure of possibilities, exploring ingredients, history, and sometimes, a little bit of magic. Working with The Garrys, this release supports their new album Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages, a live score set to the 1922 Swedish silent film. A Nordic Farmhouse inspired ale, with a bit of Saskatchewan witchery thrown in.

This beer uses kveik, an incredible yeast from generational farmhouse brewers in rural Norway. Pouring a deep golden colour with a slight pink haze, this beer has an aroma of sweet fruits, edging into bright cranberry notes. With rosehips and juniper berries in the boil kettle, and fermented with highbush cranberries foraged by Boreal Heartland (Air Ronge), this beer blends historical tradition and modern local ingredients. Slightly tart on the palate and then sweeping into sweet cranberry notes. Pouring a foamy head with high carbonation, this beer makes for a refreshing and bright experience.

Interestingly, Kärleksdryck translates as “love potion” from Swedish. No cause for concern though, it’s much simpler to drink than it sounds. Though it does make you wonder if the Garrys brought some magic to this brew.

We’re not saying The Garrys are magical, but… we’re not not saying it either.