JGL Crystal Single Hop
JGL Crystal Single Hop
Pale Ale


The proof is in the pudding: the best way to test something out is to try it yourself.

Maker’s Malt has been conducting crop trials through 2020, and what better way to experiment with some new goods than to make the most Saskatchewan series of beers we could think of with our neighbours.

Each of these beers will be brewed with a different combination of crop trial malt from Maker’s and hops from JGL Shepherd Farms. The goal is to come up with unique flavour combinations throughout the four-part series, and to have a little bit of fun with it too.

This beer is part two of four and was made with the barley variety Copper, a 2020 crop trial from Maker’s Malt. We paired it with the hop variety Crystal, grown by JGL Sheppard Farms. Crystal is a variety known for green, floral, woodsy and fruity flavours. We find JGL’s hops aromas come through with notes of citrus and pineapple. On the palate, we notice interesting and subtle notes of citrus and herb. The Maker’s Copper brings a clean base, with light bread and cracker notes.


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