Jasmine Saison
Jasmine Saison
Saison with Jasmine Green Tea


For the summer Travel with Odd Couple menu, we’re being taken to both Vietnam and Thailand. Our Assistant Brewer Joe collaborated with Andy & Rachel over at OC to create this aromatic and refreshing saison. Starting with a simple malt base and European hops, this beer was fermented with traditional Belgian yeast, followed by a gentle “dry-hopping” of Jasmine green tea.

With a floral and spicy aroma, this beer pours a clear pale straw colour. This beer has a light body and starts out with a pleasant hint of cloves and spice, followed closely by fresh Jasmine green tea. Finishing dry with a cracker-y malt flavour, this beer has bright carbonation that cleanses the palate. This Saison pairs well with any food that is light, fresh and spicy, or just a casual afternoon air conditioned escape from the heat!