Isolation Nation
Isolation Nation
SMASH Pale Ale


*This beer is no longer available*
2020 has been a bit of a year, with a couple of rays of sunshine here and there throughout it. This beer is one of those. This recipe was provided by our friends at Hops Connect, with select breweries participating in this cross-Canada collaboration brew.
Isolation Nation showcases Sasquatch, a new and exciting dual-purpose patented hop variety. Sasquatch hops were bred and grown in Pemberton, BC by Hops Connect, and is Canada’s first bred and patented hop! With attributes of both a bittering and aroma hop, this hop was fun and incredibly interesting to work with. Using a grain bill of solely pale 2-row malt, this beer is simply designed and can truly showcase the flavours of these ingredients.
The aroma of this beer is subtle, starting light with soft floral top notes, supported by a smooth resin character and hints of fresh orange zest. Bright and clear, this beer has a beautiful straw colour to support the fresh aromas. As you drink this beer, those same floral, citrus and resin flavours gently flow through your palate, underscored by a light bready malt flavour. Some of our tasters recorded hints of fresh pineapple as they sampled this beer more, pairing incredibly well with the light hop bitterness at the end.
With a lower alpha acid content than some other popular aroma varieties, this hop offers a softer aroma and bitterness than many other North American options. Offering lower bitterness, we heavily dry-hopped this beer, to really express the subtle flavour and aroma of this uniquely Canadian hop.
A big thanks to both BSG for providing the malt for this beer, along with Hops Connect for the hops used!