Hong Kong Porter
Hong Kong Porter
Spiced Porter


Brewed for our collaboration with Odd Couple for “Travel with Odd Couple” with a focus on Hong Kong for the month of November. This beer uses the same base for our recent seasonal release, our Pumpkin Porter. This porter is a different take on a spiced porter, flavoured with dried Jujube or Chinese Red dates (similar to Medjool dates but less sweet) and Chinese Five Spice.

The aroma from this beer teases us with notes of dried dark fruit, warming spices, accompanied by a slight undertone of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. Visually, this beer pours a clear dark/black with a thick, creamy head. This porter has a taste that reminds us of dried fruits, dark roasted coffee and a hint of brown sugar. The 5 spice comes through with some cinnamon and a very light anise flavor. Finishing dry, with a slight bitterness resembling dark chocolate.

There are only about 200L of this beer, so don’t skip this one!