Fresh Hop Ale


Another harvest, and another crop of fresh hops! This is the 3rd iteration of this beer, and again, we are excited to showcase some of the best agricultural producers this province has to offer. Using malt barley from Rosthern (Maker’s Malt), and fresh hops from Moosomin (JGL Shepherd Farms), this beer reflects it’s namesake well.

This year, we are showcasing a rather unique hop, Sorachi Ace. This hop was originally bred and developed in Japan for Sapporo Breweries and is famed for its unique aroma and flavour. Sorachi Ace hops have the “Love It or List It” kinda vibe. With this year’s crop from JGL, we are big in camp “love it”!

If you’re looking for lots of bitterness from this fresh hop ale, you’ll be disappointed. Fresh hop beers tend towards a smooth and balanced flavour profile. Pouring a light amber colour, this fresh hop ale has a nice malty backbone to support a bright hop character.

As you experience the aroma for the first time, you immediately notice notes of dark spice, supported by a light herbal undertone. If you have the patience and self-restraint and don’t immediately take a sip (we generally don’t), you may notice light notes of fresh lemon zest that gently mingle through the aroma. Once you take a sip, those lemon and herbal notes create a dynamic and engaging flavour. This beer finishes with malty notes of sweet biscuit and hints of graham cracker.

If you haven’t had a fresh hop beer before, they’re only around for a short time every harvest season, so hop to it and get it while it’s fresh!

(don’t worry, we’ve got dad jokes for days – sorry, not sorry)