Imperial Pilsner


*This beer is no longer available*
This beer is incredibly special for us, as this marked the 999th batch of beer we have brewed since opening (if you do a bit of math, that’s roughly 6,500 hours of brewing).  Needless to say, we wanted to brew something incredibly special.
#999 is an Imperial Pilsner, showcasing traditional Saaz hops and 100% Saskatchewan grown and malted barley from Maker’s Malt. Pouring clear, the pale straw colour and creamy white head could trick you into thinking this beer is your average Pils. Although using traditional ingredients, this beer’s ABV comes in at a not-so-traditional 10.1%. This is definitely not your grandad’s pilsner!
With 9 hop additions (see what we did there?), the famed aromas of Saaz hops offer up subtle but strong notes of white grape and hints of spice. Starting with a touch of sweetness and the traditional cracker-y flavour from the pilsner malt, the strength of this beer shows through with a bit of warmth. The slight and delicate bitterness from the sole use of Saaz hops keeps this traditional(ish) beer quite well-balanced.
While initially planning to lager this beer for 6 weeks and then releasing it for the Junos, we’ve decided to crack ONE keg. While there is only 20L available (for now), this beer truly has gotten better with time.
*chef’s kiss*