9 Mile Ale
9 Mile Ale
English Pale Ale


Our 9 Mile Ale is the classic of all classics – it was part of Garrett and Shawn’s set of original homebrew recipes. When our taproom opened up in 2015 out of Ideas Inc., it was in our first lineup, along with Angus Stout, Ella Pale, and Stand Up Brown.

Since then, it has made its journey with us all the way to a gold medal in 2019 at the Canadian Brewing Awards in the English-style pale ale category – an incredibly special moment for a small SK brewery like us!

9 Mile Ale brings versatility, English hops, and a whole lot of character. Presenting medium gold in color, this complex ale features malt, caramel and herbal fruity notes with light bitterness on the back end. You can pair this little diddy with so many great dishes!

Now available in 4-packs in the taproom and at select retailers!

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