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Our Nanobrewery and Taproom

Since opening in April 2015, our brewery has grown from a tiny nanobrewery to a less small nanobrewery.  We currently operate a 5 bbl brewery and have recently recommissioned Felina (our original 1 bbl brewery).  Both small brewhouses are in operation and allow us to turn out a lot of different kinds of beer!

We are located at 229 20th Street West (across the street from Odd Couple and between the Mandarin and Spoke and Sport).  

Note - until further notice, we have discontinued onsite service.  We are monitoring the development of COVID19 carefully and will adjust operations accordingly.  Until things change, plan for offsale only!

Our taproom is a place where you can come in, have a glass of beer or a taster flight and fill up your growler (provided you are 19 or over!).  We also have a host of sweet merch for your perusal and a bottle shop filled with takeaway goodies.  The brewery is right behind the taproom after the sign that says "BREWERY" (novel, we know).  You are literally enjoying the beer right where our brewing team makes it.   Fresh. As. It. Gets.

Interesting Facts About the Taproom

  • We are a brewery that is passionate about making great beer.  We usually have something from our friends at Living Sky Winery and some Dad's Rootbeer but expect to have limited non-beer options.  It's just not what we do.  If you are looking for a great cocktail, we have some of the finest mixologists in the province within a block.

  • We are family friendly.  You are welcome to bring your family with you - our license allows minors to come in provided they are with their parent or guardian.  That said, you are not obligated to bring your family with you.  We get it.  We won't ask questions.
  • We have a small inhouse menu (have a pickled egg!) but are also very caterer and takeout friendly.  Order something in from across the street at Odd Couple!

  • Our place is accessible, reasonably warm and non-gender specific.  We are proud of it and it took some work to keep it standing upright.  But it's an old building with its idiosyncrasies.  For example, the large overhead door that is specifically not a door and the poorly placed accessibility mirror in the bathroom. 

  • Drink orders will be handled in the order they are received (hopefully) and with accuracy and timeliness (again, hopefully).  If you've had an experience that was not what you hoped for (i.e. it sucked), please let us know.  We will want to make it right.  Similarly if you had an experience that was what you expect from 9 Mile Legacy (i.e. it didn't suck), please let us know that too.  And your friends and family.

  • We love dogs.  Many of us own dogs.  One of us is even named Wolfy (he's more of a cat man, funny enough).  But the law doesn't necessarily see it the same way.  Dogs can come in if you are getting some off sale but because we are a public eating facility they can't be in here if you are enjoying beer onsite.  We wish it were different.  We also will not serve them unless they have proper ID.  For a cool picture of a dog, go to our Contact page.

  • We have an Awesome Board because we think you are awesome, you probably know people that are awesome and we thought up an awesome way for you to tell them.  Be sure to ask the awesome people behind the bar about it.  Clear? Awesome.

We are happy to accommodate your event, fundraiser or group in our taproom and we can schedule brewery tours for groups of many sizes.  Contact us for more information.

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