Who we are.

The 9 Mile Legacy

Moen Homestead

9 Mile Legacy Brewing is a story of collaboration, growth and good neighbours.  It is about celebrating good times together and weathering hard times together.  It is a story often told in places like Saskatchewan. 

A century ago, when the Moens and Pedersons settled in the Cabri/Abbey area (northwest of Swift Current), their farms were located roughly 9 miles apart. 

Shawn Moen is our CEO/GM and Garrett Pederson is our COO/Head Brewer. After developing a love of brewing together, they left professional careers in 2013 to travel and work in commercial breweries, with the intent of refining their approaches to making beer and starting 9 Mile Legacy Brewing.    As they started building the brewery, they recognized that what they were doing wasn't that unique - rather, they were continuing a tradition built by generations choosing to work together.

In our province, we are frequently brought together by circumstance but remain together by choice.  It is a story that we all share in different ways.


Felina - A Love Story

Homebrewers for about a decade, Garrett and Shawn dreamed of starting a brewery from the first batch brewed - though their lives were preoccupied with other professional careers.  When they finally decided to make the jump, Garrett (by reason of his background as a lab manager and his detail-oriented personality) was designated the "head brewer" and Shawn the "business guy".

Garrett the Homebrewer

When 9 Mile Legacy opened in 2015, the original brewery was tiny.  The brewhouse allowed Garrett to brew 100L (2 kegs) in the same time it would take a typical microbrewery to brew 12x that volume.  It wasn't perfect nor was it efficient but it what was possible after spending time and money training in other breweries and getting our approach right.  

After dreaming of owning a brewery our whole lives, dang, were we proud of her. 

Felina in Pieces

Garrett named the nanobrewery "Felina", because he thought it might kill him.  If you don't understand why, click here.  It didn't kill him but she sure made him work.  Garrett and his brew team put on 551 brews in just a year and a half - working 8 brews a week and logging around 3,900 hours.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is an obscene amount of brewing.

Gary and Felina

But Felina didn't kill Garrett after all and, though he now has a new proud yet-to-be-named brewhouse that is 5 times as big, Felina is still with us and working hard - allowing Garrett to experiment and take risks that only a small nano-brewhouse allows.

 Felina in her new home

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