What we brew.

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6.5% ABV 59 IBU

Ella Pale

New World IPA Description

Quite possibly the most unique beer in our repertoire, lady Ella is Aussie through and through. Galaxy and Ella hops remind one of tropical paradise with maraschino cherry and passion fruit notes. Get her when she’s fresh and pair with a meat pie.

on tap
5.0% ABV

Hybrid Vigour

Märzen-inspired Amber Ale Description

Originally brewed for the SJO "The Way The West Was Swung" jazz show, this is a showcase of delightful Vienna malt base, inspired by the German Märzen and fermented with American Ale yeast. This beer dances amongst style categories!

on tap
4.7% ABV 30 IBU

Golden Ticket

Belgian Blonde Description

Our Belgian Blonde Is a crowdpleaser – perfect for the craft beer newbie that craves something familiar and the craft beer veteran that wants some complex Belgian yeast character in a refreshing ale. Check out the longneck in the taproom!

on tap
5.2% ABV 28 IBU

9 Mile Ale

English Pale Ale Description

9 Mile Ale is our tried and true English-style pale ale. Goldings hops and prairie malt combine to make an ale that is eminently quaffable. Enjoy with fish and chips or just on its own! Plan for a few…

on tap
4.1% ABV 38 IBU

Angus Stout

Oatmeal Stout Description

Angus Stout is one of our oldest recipes. Named for Garrett’s Grandpa Angus, this is a reliable beer with an edge. Oats lend a nice silkiness and roasted barley provides a coffee-like finish. Enjoy with roasted meat or vanilla ice cream.

on tap
5.0% ABV

Eagles & Bulldogs

NE Pale Ale Description

This hazy, orange beer is chasing that current hazy, late hop trend - very juicy but not too chewy or latently bitter, as some examples of the style can be. Expect notes of tangelo, mandarin and grapefruit in this summertime quencher.

on tap
5.0% ABV

Crossmount Cider - Crisp Apple

on tap
5.5% ABV

Mosaic - Single Hop Series

Single hop pale ale with Mosaic hops
3.6% ABV 27 IBU

Rhubarb Bitter

Standard Bitter with Rhubarb Description

Made with rhubarb juice from Living Sky Winery, this is the first release of our 2016 Anniversary Celebration Series.

5.4% ABV 20 IBU


German ale Description

Originating in Cologne, Germany, this is lager/ale hybrid is a crisp, clean and very drinkable pale coloured beer. Traditionally served in long, thin but small glasses to ensure freshness!

7.0% ABV 29 IBU

One O'Clock Jump

Smoked 80 Shilling Description

With our 80 shilling scotch ale, the malt profile of our beer is standing up for an extended solo. Kansas City comes through with the subtle addition of smoked malt. Inspired by the great Count Basie and brewed for the SJO.

4.7% ABV 10 IBU

Dark Sour

Dark Kettle Sour Description

A darker kettle sour with high acidity and tartness, paired with dark fruit notes.

5.5% ABV 45 IBU

Cascade - Single Hop Series

Single hop pale ale with Cascade hops
5.0% ABV 20 IBU

Odd Couple Collaboration Beer (2)

Belgian Dark w/ Yellow Lump, Cinnamon & Star Anise Description

Our second collaboration with Odd Couple restaurant, this Asian-inspired Belgian dark ale is designed to accent the colder Saskatchewan months.

4.9% ABV

Milkshake IPA - Malty National Collaboration

Milkshake IPA Description

A very fun collaboration with our friends in the south, the Milkshake IPA tastes like exactly that - come see what lactose, NE yeast and Centennial, Vic Secret, Enigma, and Mosaic can do!

4.7% ABV 16 IBU

Scruffbag Brown Ale

North English Brown Ale Description

A traditional North English Brown Ale brewed originaly brewed for Scruffbag Woodworks to commemorate the creation of our tap handles! It is a malty delight!

4.7% ABV

Straight Cut

Dry Hopped Kettle Sour Description

Straight Cut is created using a quick kettle souring process, much like a straight cut header on a combine speeds up the process of harvest. Lemon, Lime, Tropical fruit flavours make this a great thirst quencher.

5.7% ABV

Biere de Sang

Haskap Pale Ale Description

Brewed for La Troupe du Jour's season premiere - featuring the one woman play Ma Irma, this "Blood Beer" is a pale ale made with haskap berries from Tierra Del Sol. ***Actual blood not used in the making of this beer!!!***

5.0% ABV 17 IBU

Iron Sight

Smoked Tea and Chai Spice Ale Description

A special release for the Light Infantry Soldiers of Northern Saskatchewan. Iron Sight is inspired by the camaraderie between soldiers and was brewed to honour their distinguished service in Afghanistan.

5.6% ABV 40 IBU

Enigma - Single Hop Series

Single hop pale ale with Enigma hops
7.3% ABV 20 IBU


German Doppelbock
4.8% ABV 30 IBU

Square Mile - Collab w Town Square

NE Pale Ale Description

This hazy, orange beer is chasing that current hazy, late hop trend - very juicy but not too chewy or latently bitter, as some examples of the style can be. Expect notes of tangelo, mandarin and grapefruit in this summertime quencher.

5.5% ABV 40 IBU

Vic Secret - Single Hop Series

Single hop pale ale with Vic Secret hops
7.2% ABV 26 IBU

Anniversary Ale

Biere de Garde Description

This Biere de Garde is released every year in celebration of the anniversary of our opening - April 15, 2015. Available in 341 mL bottles, growler fills and by the glass.

5.25% ABV 26 IBU

Wapiti Pale Ale

Pale ale with spruce tips and wild blueberries Description

Brewed in collaboration with Elkridge Resort for their inaugral Brewmaster's Dinner (2016), this pale ale features handpicked spruce tips from the Resort and wild blueberries from Northern Saskatchewan.

4.9% ABV 23 IBU

Cherry Bitter

Best Bitter w/ Juliette Cherries Description

An English-style best bitter brewed with Juliette cherries, this pint is reminiscent of freshly baked cherry pie!

6.1% ABV 66 IBU

Rafiki Moja

West Coast style India Pale Ale Description

A wonderful collision of Pacific NW and Aussie hops, Rafiki Moja is a balanced and bold example of the IPA style. Contrary to popular belief, it is named for an old friend in Desolation Sound, rather than a cartoon monkey shaman.

4.7% ABV


Grapefruit Radler
5.2% ABV 42 IBU

Archive - Coffee Porter

Brown Porter with Coffee Description

Made with dark roasted coffee from Road Coffee Co., this coffee porter is the second release in our 2016 Anniversary Celebration Series.

5.2% ABV

Single Hop Mash-Up

Vic Secret & Mosaic Pale Ale
5.2% ABV 15 IBU

Bin Buster - All SK Collab

Blinds Ale
5.3% ABV 19 IBU

Bootstrapper Spring Wheat

Witbier Description

Bootstrapper is a hazy, hop forward witbier brewed with SK red spring wheat and Mosaic hops. Brewed specifically for the "Build the Hill" campaign. $0.50 from each glass purchased will go to support the project. Let's Build the Hill!

4.7% ABV 21 IBU

Archive - Saison Especiale

Table Saison with Lime and Piquante Chilis Description

Saison Toupin infused with limes and piquante chilis

4.5% ABV 38 IBU

Instant Romance

Valentine's Day Collaboration Stout Description

Angus Stout infused with chocolate from Those Girls at the Market and vanilla. Purchase for your sweetie pie with handmade stout-infused chocolate hearts containing Three Foragers honey caramels.

5.1% ABV 11 IBU


3.9% ABV 21 IBU

Archive - Saison Toupin

Table Saison Description

A votre santé! Saisons are a superb style that matches a tart, dry finish with peppery yeast notes. Saison Toupin is meant to be shared around a raucous dinner table with good friends and family. Pair with seafood, sausages or homemade chicken balls!

5.5% ABV 18 IBU

Christmas Pudding Ale

Winter Ale with Fruit and Spices Description

Brewed for the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra “Peter and the Wolf” concert, this winter ale is inspired by Grandma’s Christmas pudding and is brewed with currants, cherries, raisings and a cacophony of winter spices. Perfect for the elf in your life!

5.0% ABV 21 IBU

Oscar the Red

Irish Red Ale Description

Inspiration for this beer came from our good friend and co-worker Oscar. This Irish Red ale is all about the malt and smooth drinkability. The 9 Mile team was very happy to brew this beer with Oscar before he left home for Ireland.

5.0% ABV


(pronounced goes-uh) Description

A soured beer, finished with coriander and light sea salt, that originates from the German town of Goslar.

5.6% ABV 42 IBU

Brown Porter

Brown Porter
5.5% ABV 41 IBU

Single Hop Series - Magnum

Pale ale using only Magnum hops
4.7% ABV 45 IBU

Stand-up Brown

American Brown Ale Description

Our brown ale finds that sweet spot between a malty English and a hoppy American. Expect notes of chocolate with a dry finish inviting at least one more pint! Pair with BBQ or ginger beef.

3.95% ABV

Riversdale Radler

Radlerbier Description

This is a collaboration beer with Thrive Juice Co., resulting in a citrus and mint summer delight!

4.3% ABV 20 IBU

Saskatoon Berry Blonde

Saskatoon berry-infused blonde ale Description

We took our Belgian blonde and infused it with Saskatoon berry juice for the Saskatoon Farmers' Market Berry Fest

6.4% ABV

Anise Braggot

Honey beer with star anise Description

Brewed for SJO's season premiere, this braggot has a full body and a light anise finish.

5.2% ABV

No. 229 Pale Ale

American Pale Ale Description

No. 229 Pale Ale - Refers to our Rural Municipality No. and coincidently is our building No. To pay homage to both we have created this Late Hop Pale Ale - get ready for a big blast of citrus, pine, grapfruit, spice and herb aromas.

6.8% ABV 30 IBU

Extra Stout

Foreign Extra Stout Description

A silky, complex stout with body, our Extra Stout is perfect for those cold winter nights.

5.4% ABV

Lemon Wit

Lemon Wit Description

A refreshing dance of unfiltered wheat, lemon and coriander, our lemon wit is the perfect refreshment for the dog days of summer.

6.4% ABV

Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter Description

When the weather drops below -30, you want a beer built to survive the cold Baltic Sea on the way to the Tsars.

5.2% ABV 35 IBU


Extra Special Bitter Description

Extra Special Bitter or Strong Bitter - This style is all about balance! Traditional East Kent Golding Hops provide a firm bitterness and Maker's malt balances it all out.

7.0% ABV 18 IBU

Abbey Dubbel

Belgian-style Dubbel Description

With a creamy, sweet malt profile dangerously hiding big alcohol, the Abbey Dubbel is a perfect compliment for the coming winter season. Sit back, pour into a snifter and watch the snow roll in.

5.5% ABV 45 IBU

Single Hop Series - Centennial

Pale ale using only Centennial hops
5.0% ABV 20 IBU

Odd Couple Collaboration

Golden Ale w/ Lemongrass, Ginger & Szechuan Pepper Description

Our first collaboration with Odd Couple restaurant, this Asian-inspired golden ale is designed to quench the hot Saskatchewan summer.

5.4% ABV 24 IBU

Black Wit

A wit that looks like a stout. Description

An experiment by our mad scientist Garrett, in tribute of Nuit Blanche 2015. Sister beer to White Stout.

5.5% ABV 45 IBU

Homegrown - Fresh Hop

Fresh Hop - Pale Ale Description

Our Fresh Hop Pale Ale is made with Centennial and Nugget hops, straight off the bine from JGL Shepherd Farms. Only to be brewed once a year...get it while it's fresh!

7.1% ABV 20 IBU

Pumpkin Porter

Robust Porter with Pumpkin and Spices Description

An old fall favourite of 9 Mile Legacy, imagine pumpkin pie in a glass. Just be careful... this one can sneak up on you!

8.0% ABV 85 IBU

El Groucho

Double IPA Description

When brewing a West Coast DIPA, it’s all about the West Coast hops! Centennial, Cascade and Chinook are doing the heavy lifting here and the focus is on flavour and aroma, not just the face-melting bitterness! Try this with blue cheese!

5.7% ABV

Beet Picker Ale

Sugar Beet Ale
10.5% ABV 27 IBU

Bow Tripel

Belgian Tripel Description

Made with 100% Bow Bayern malt. Developed at the University of Saskatchewan and malted by Maker's Malts in Rosthern, SK. Brewed in the Tripel style - Golden in color with notes of clove, spice and banana, and a touch of alcohol heat on the finish

5.2% ABV 13 IBU

Archive - Backroads

Coffee Porter with 2 Sugars Description

This collaboration with Road Coffee Co. is inspired by our Head Brewer's love for lattes with 2 sugars. *contains lactose*

5.0% ABV 20 IBU

Belgian Wit

Belgian wit bier
9.2% ABV


American Strong Ale Description

This Galaxy single hop beauty has a sweet honey malt and light crystal malt base. Brewed for the first time on the West Coast, when one of our founders first met his wife.

4.2% ABV

Prairie Rattler

Radlerbier Description

Our original take on a radlerbier - grapefruit juice and 9 Mile Ale combine to give a refreshing treat.

6.3% ABV 26 IBU


Dry Hopped Saison Description

Saison translates to Season. This ale is fermented warm and dry hopped with Enigma hops. The expressive yeast and hops create notes of clove, spice, tropical fruit and citrus.

5.5% ABV 41 IBU

Single Hop Series - Jaryllo

Single hop pale ale with Jaryllo hops
3.2% ABV 8 IBU

Chicha Morada

Chicha Morada Description

Our take on an alcoholic version of the traditional Peruvian beverage, made with blue corn, pineapple, cinnamon, clove and citrus fruits. Launching at Flint Saloon for the Ole Denim 1 Year Anniversary.

4.7% ABV 25 IBU

Nature City - Stones Throw

Pale Ale Description

Things that are linked together - The theme for the Nature City Festival 2018. This pale ale is made with 100% Saskatchewan barley (Maker's Malt) and hops (JGL Shepherd Farms). Grown here, brewed here and enjoyed here!

4.0% ABV 16 IBU

Nature City - Summer Session Ale

Summer Session Ale Description

A light malt profile, using red wheat and flaked barley to increase the body and balance the delicate hop aromas of strawberry, melon, banana and spice! This is the perfect beer for sunshine and patios!

5.5% ABV 51 IBU

Amarillo By Morning

Red IPA Description

This Red IPA prominently features stone fruit and caramel notes, derived from the copious amounts of crystal malt and Amarillo hops. Best enjoyed with a George Strait record during sunrise.

5.9% ABV

Nature City - Honey Ale

Ale with Saskatchewan Raw Honey
4.7% ABV

Post Pounder

Golden Ale
3.2% ABV 21 IBU

Old Man Moon

English Mild Description

A classic style from England, mild ale is typically low alcohol with a good malt base and built for any lengthy session with friends. At 3.2%, you can have a couple of pints without being too wobbly!

6.0% ABV 25 IBU

Archive - White Stout

A stout that looks like a wit. Description

An experiment by our mad scientist Garrett, in tribute of Nuit Blanche 2015. Sister beer to Black Wit.

7.9% ABV 20 IBU

Sourdough Ale w Brett - Collab with Odla

Oaked mixed fermentation dark ale with Brett
5.5% ABV 49 IBU


White IPA Description

Imagine a Belgian Wit and a West Coast IPA fall in love and make a beautiful baby. Bocephus is a delicious fusion of beer styles, combining orange peel and coriander with citrusy Chinook hops. Pairs perfectly with spicy Mexican or Asian cuisine.

8.7% ABV 24 IBU

Holiday Cheer

Belgian Strong Ale Description

Belgian Strong Ale intertwined with Saskatchewan-grown plums and lightly spiced with vanilla beans and cinnamon.

4.0% ABV


Mixed fermentation sour ale Available Jan. 23, 2020 Description

Inspired by our very own assistant brewer, Joe Kwag, this tart little treat will knock your socks off. Fermented with Joe’s sourdough yeast starter, this beer serves you pucker and

5.1% ABV 40 IBU

9 Mile Lager

German Lager Available Sept. 28, 2018 Description

This is our first German Style Lager. Made with primarily German hops; Magnum and Huell Melon. The cold fermentation provides a clean slate for the malt and hops to show case their talents.

4.9% ABV

Kettle Sour

Sour Beer Available Nov. 30, 2017 Description

A sour ale created using the kettle souring process. Lactic acid producing bacteria combined with the wheat beer yeast produces a nice fruity citric tartness.

5.5% ABV

Schwinghammer Fresh Hop

Fresh Hop Pale Ale Available Oct. 14, 2016 Description

Brewed with Prairie Malt barley and 2kg of hops from our friend Patrick's backyard (specific variety unknown), this is a truly Saskatchewan beer. The hops were picked and added to the brew within 24 hours.

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